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"In an era that often overlooks the significance of the past as such, and certainly the Christian past, these well-crafted guides for heritage tourists truly fill a gap. Don't leave home without one!" J.I. Packer, Professor Regent College, Vancouver, author of Knowing God

"Using vacations to discover the riches of the Christian tradition is a great idea that's long overdue." Professor Bruce Waltkie, Regent College, Reformed Theological Seminary, and a member of the NIV translation team.

"Discovering one's spiritual roots through engagement with Christian history is a wonderful experience. Standing before a stone cross that's almost two thousand years old really makes you aware of the depth of our faith and the sacrifice of earlier generations that can inspire us to lead new generations to Christ." Carson Pue, Director, International Arrow Leadership Program.

"The visitor should see the modern Europe, with its beautiful historic buildings and art, against the background of Christian history and the spiritual values which created this rich heritage that gave the continent its strength and coherence." Professor Dr. Helge Stadelmann, Principal, Freie Theologische Akademie (Free Evangelical Seminary) Gießen, Germany.

"At last! A guidebook which treats churches as windows onto the living faith of Christianity and not just as museums or graveyards" David V. Day, Principal St. John's College, University of Durham and Christian broadcaster with the BBC.

"This is an impressive work that I enjoyed reading" Egil Grislis, Professor of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Manitoba.

"These books are a boon to Christian educators and home schoolers." Jerram Barrs, Professor of Contemporary Culture and Resident Scholar of the Francis Schaeffer Institute, Covenant Seminary.

"I am impressed. This project will be a great aid to many who are interested in directed travel focused along religious lines. I do think many people need help like this to make their travel more enjoyable and meaningful" Terry Muck, Professor of Missions, Asbury Seminary and former Editor of Christianity Today

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