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CHRISTIAN WEEK, Winnipeg, Canada, March 20, 2001

Publisher picks up travel idea

Zondervan Publishing House has picked up on an idea for a Christian Travellers' Guide by University of Calgary professor Irving Hexham. Hexham, series creator and general editor, decided to write the guides after years of frustration over the lack of Christian content in traditional travel guides. After pitching the series--and facing rejections--for eight years, Hexham convinced Zondervan to take a chance on the books.

The debut titles on Great Britain, Germany, Italy and France are due in Christian and secular bookstores in April. If successful, the series is likely to spawn other entrants into this niche market. Hexham has long maintained a website in the meantime to aid travelers to Europe (www.christian-travelers-guides.com/index.html). "Christians and other religious travelers are handicapped when they visit Europe because traditional guidebook spay scant attention to religious sites other than major cathedrals and the occasional graveyard," says Hexham, a native of Manchester, England who studied in German. Hexham says he hopes the guides will fill that void by offering a richer historical background than many travel guides provide. A team of Canadian professors helped
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