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Review of the Zondervan Christian Travelers Guides from the American Library Journal. For more information and to see the original go to the Library Journal Home Page

From the Library Journal, Vol. 126, No. 8, p. 117, 1 May 2001:

Seeing the need to fill a niche in the travel guide genre, general editor Hexham (religious studies, Univ. of Calgary) has created a series of guides designed to appeal to Christians. These guides do not lead tourists to the most popular bars or shopping districts but instead to the various Christian heritage sites in each country. Hexham's theory is that since there are travel guides geared toward other sociological groups (gays, singles, retirees), the market is also there to reach out to Christians who wish to explore the roots of their religion. His vast knowledge of history and religion makes these well-researched books a treasure trove of historical information.

Each guide follows the same layout: Hexham begins with an overview of the history of each country from prehistoric times to the present. He then includes a chapter on literature, art, and architecture and lists what he considers the top ten Christian heritage sites in each country. Each entry thereafter is in alphabetical order by place name and includes some background information, specific sites to visit, and biographies of significant people associated with the site. In Great Britain, visit the birthplace of the Scottish Reformation in Edinburgh; in France, learn the difference between a Gothic-style cathedral (Notre Dame) and a Romanesque-style cathedral (St. tienne Cathedral); in Germany, follow the progress and fall of the Holy Roman Empire by visiting Aachen; and in Italy, visit the ancient Roman ruins and learn their part in the history of Christianity, then visit the Vatican City, the seat of the Catholic Church.

There is also a useful web site associated with the series (www.christian-travelers-guides.com), which gives further information on Christian travel agents, hotels, and more. Recommended for all public libraries.

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