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From: The Pneuma Informer, March 2001. Go to the Pneuma Foundation Web Site.

Visiting ancient European churches or art museums isn't the sort of thing most people have in mind when they talk about evangelism. Yet, as the founder of L'Abri, Francis Schaeffer, proved cultural evangelism is one of the most effective ways of reaching totally unchurched people.

Now Irving Hexham, a student of Schaeffer and professor at the University of Calgary, has produced an innovative Web Site devoted to what apologists call "pre-evangelism." It's doesn't directly preach the gospel. Rather it allows the rich Christian heritage found in European culture to proclaim God's glory in a low-key way intended to attract the secular traveler interested in history. There's a section on great Christian leaders with numerous rare portraits and another that helps visitors appreciate and understand the significance of different styles of church building and Christian art.

The Christian Travelers Guides Web Site, which is linked to the new Zondervan Christian Travelers Series of books, also provides valuable information for Christian travelers about Christian heritage tours, places to stay, and even what to do with kids on a European vacation. This Web Site can be found at:

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