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Finding somewhere to go to Church in continental Europe can be a problem for English speaking people. So here are some suggestions for various countries plus the addresses of major evangelical organizations in each country.N.B. The site was created to help Christians recognize the Christian heritage of Europe and meet fellow Christians in Europe. We are not paid to list churches and do not always check them out. We simply take their claim to be orthodox churches at face value. Therefore, we accept no responsibility for any recommendations about churches, travel plans, travel agents, hotels, guest houses, or other suggestion made on this Web Site.Below are some churches and Christian organizations we know about.
Evangelical organizations in BritainBritain has the richest array of Evangelical churches and organizations in Europe. Here are a few major organizations with which most readers may be acquainted:

, Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (InterVarsity), 38 De Montfort St., Leicester, LE1 7GP; Tel: 0116-255-1700; Fax: 0116-255-5672; E-mail: e

Campus Crusade, Agape Europe, Fairgate House, King;s Rd., Birmingham, B11 2AA, Tel. 0121-765-4404

Tyndale House Research Library, 36 Selwyn Gardens, Cambridge, CB# 9BA; Tel. 1223-566601; Fax: 1223-566608; E-mail:

The Navigators
, Adyar House, 32 Carlton Cresent, Southampton, SO15 2EW; Tel. 023-8022-32743; Fax: 023-8023-7548; E-mail

Keswick Convention
, Convention Office, Box 105, Uckfield, East Sussex,N22 5GY; Tel: 01435 866 034; x: 01435 865 837; E-mail:

Evangelical Organizations in German Numerous Christian organizations are at work in Germany most of which are of German origin. Among the most important international organizations which visitors might be familiar with are:

Studentenmission in Deutschland, [Inter-Varsity] Univesitätsstr, 30, Marburg, D-35037. Tel. 06421-24014; Fax 06421-21277

Campus Crusade for Christ
, Am Inneren Rain, Gießen, D-35394. Tel. 0641-97518-36; Fax 03641-97518-40

Navigatoren [Navigators] Seuferstr. 5, Bonn, D-53173. Tel. 0228-361031; Fax 0228-361033

Kath. Studierende Jungend [Roman Catholic Student Organization], Gabelsbergstr. 19; Köln, D-50674. Tel. 0221-414200

Evang. Akademikaschaft in Deutschland [Protestant Church Student Work],
Kniebisstr. 29, Stuttgart, D-70188. Tel. 0711-282015

In addition to these general evangelistic organizations several good Bible Schools exist These are listed in Die Guten Seiten, see below. However, the only graduate school of theology which is thoroughly evangelical is

Freie Theologische Akademie, Schiffenberger Weg 111, D-35394, Gießen. Tel 0641-76001; Fax. 0641-76039.

English speaking congregations in Germany:
There are English speaking in most major cities in Germany most of which belong to mainline denominations like the Anglicans and Lutherans a few, however are explicitly evangelical. Berlin: as one might expect you have a lot of choice in Germany’s capital city.

EmK Berlin, English speaking congregation, Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 87, D-10585, Berlin, Germany.
Tel. 030-341-2771,
or egb@em

The American Church in Berlin is found at “Alte Dorfkirche”, Ecke Clayallee/Potsdamer Straβe, and has its offices at Onkel-Tom-Straβe 93, D-14169,Berlin, Germany. It can be contacted at 030-813-2021 or by e-mail have a Web Site at: http://www.crisny.cor/not-for-profit/goodshep/berlin.html

St. George’s Anglican (Episcopalian) Church is at Preuβenallee, 17-19, D-14052, Berlin, Germany. Their telephone number is 030-304-1280 and their Web Site is at:

The British Catholic Fellowship also holds services in St. Georges’s. its telephone number is 030-304-1280The American Roman Catholic Community meets at Hütetenweg 46, D-14195, Berlin, Germany. Tel. 030-891-6019

Berlin’s International Church is at Einemastraβe 10, D-10787, Berlin, Germany. Telephone 030-3470-9176

Gateway International Church, meets at Bundesallee 68, D-12161, Berlin. Phone: 030-8507-7820; Pastor Frank Liesen. E-mail:; website:

Bethel International Baptist Church, Am Dachsberg 92, D-60435, Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, was created in 1958 to minister to American servicemen. The phone number is 069-540-320

Anglican/Episcopal Church of Christ the King, Sebastian-Rinz-Str. 22, D-90323, Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, tel. 069-550-184. Worship service at 11 am.

United Methodist Church, contact Sally Ann Charles Tel. 0351-421-5543 or Will Clapp, tel. 0351-442-1413

United Methodist Church, Rötgenstraβe 1, D-22335, Hamburg, tel. 040-5622-55. Their e-mail is: They have a Web Site at:

An evangelical service is held at 4 pm every Sunday in the Freie Evangelische Gemeinde at number 12 Mozartstraβe. The nearest U Bahn, underground train, station is the U3/U6 at Goetheplatz. You can contact them at: They also have a Web Site at:

Munich United Methodist Peace Church, Friedenskirche, Frauenlobstraβe 5, D-803377, München, Germany.
Tel 089-260-23677, or e-mail
Their Web Site is at:


The Wort Gottes Gemeinde, Word of God Chruch, describes itself as an “exciting independent fundamentalist Baptist church.” Beyond that we know nothing about it. The address is: Johannisstr 109, D-90419, Nürnberg, Germany. They have an English speaking service on Sundays at 4.30 plus various other activities in English and German. You can e-mail them or call them at 09163-9958942 where you will be answered in English.

There is also an English speaking Bible School run by the Capernwray Missionary Fellowship. It is the Bodenseehof Bible School, Ziegelstrasse 15, Postfach, ie. P.O Box, 2933, D-88023, Friedrichshafen, Germany. Tel. 07541-95090; Fax. 07541-950988, or e-mail at: Their Web Site is found at:

Finally, most large Charismatic Churches in Germany, such as the Church-on-the-Way in Berlin, offer instantaneous translation during their services. At most German Charismatic churches the staff includes some English speaking people, usually Americans and Brits, and the congregations tend welcome English speaking visitors. Unfortunately, many Charismatic churches tend to change their address rather frequently. So we suggest that you contact the Church-on-the-Way, which is very stable, for information about other Charismatic congregations.