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Various Christian hotels can be found dotted across Europe. But, American Evangelicals need to recognize that European Christianity is very different to American Christianity. Most of these hotels will have a bar that serves wine and beer. Moreover, many of them are run by mainline Church people who are not necessarily evangelical. If you know about a Christian hotel, guest house, bed and breakfast or retreat canter, please let us know about it by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. You should also read the disclaimer at end of this page. Here are the addresses for the Christian accommodation we know about:

Christian Home Exchange Network This site is described as "a subsidiary of the International Christian Bed & Breakfast Network . Wouldn't it be nice to travel somewhere else in the world and not worry about how much it's going to cost? One way of doing this is to pay nothing for accommodations. Exchange homes with Christians and enjoy a new way of vacationing."

Christian Hotels in Britain

A small network of Christian hotels that originated with the Methodists exists in Britain. Information about the is available from their Web Site where each hotel is listed separately. Telephone and fax numbers, and in most cases, e-mail addresses are provided on the Web Site which is found at:

Association of Christian Hotels

Some other Christian hotels can be found at: Christian Travel and Events, UK

Christian Hotels in France - so far we have no addresses for Christian hotels or retreat centers in France. If you known of any please contact us.

Christian Hotels in Germany

Germany has an excellent network of Christian Hotels which are similar, and linked to, Methodist hotels in England. Information about these hotels can be obtained from:

VCH-Hotel Resevierungszeentrale (Central Reservations) Bismarckallee 16, d-79098, Freiburg, Germany. Te. 0761-2907501; Fax: 0761-2025062; E-mail: German Christian Hotels

They also have a Web Site: VCH - Assocation of Christian Hotels in Germany

Some other German listings can be found at: European Hotels, Guest houses and Retreats

Christian Hotels in Italy

Although we have no information about Christian hotels in Italy a list of Christian retreat centres run by various Roman Catholic Orders is to be found in Bed and Blessings which is available from: F.C. Ziegler and Company

To suggest a Christian hotel, guest house, or other accommodation in Britain, Germany, France or Italy, please send us the following information:

The type of accommodation: Contact information: i.e. the name of the owner or manager, the address, e-mail, telephone and fax, etc. Your comments on the accommodation: Your name: and e-mail address:

Please note that this Web Site was created to help Christians recognize the Christian heritage of Europe and meet fellow Christians in Europe. We are not paid to list hotels, guest houses, or retreats and do not check them out. We simply take their claim to be Christian at face value. Therefore, we accept no responsibility for any suggestions about travel plans, travel agents, hotels, guest houses or retreats, etc., made on this Web Site.

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