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Church styles - in photographs
Church styles - diagrams
Church layout/groundplans - very slow loading.
Cut-away diagrams
The slide show on "church styles," and those below it that show various examples of Christian sculpture. These illustrations are intended to help North American travelers recognize some of the major architectural and artistic styles found in European churches. No doubt art experts and students who have just completed "Know it all Art 101" will be horrified by the way these pictures simplify a very complex subject. The aim, however, is not to teach a course in art history. It is intended to help people who have never visited Europe to begin to appreciate different styles and thus increase their enjoyment of the Christian heritage. See: Christian art & architecture.
Knights and Kings
.English Church Leaders  
The Christian art of Sandro Botticelli  
The French Revolutionary art of David  
Cumbrian Saxon Crosses Cumbrian stone crosses are among the oldest Christian remains in England.
Wells Cathedral
Pergamon Museum  
Processional Way of Babylon The Pergamon Museum, in Berlin, gets its name from the ancient Greek city of Pergamon and is built around the Pergamon Altar. It also contains the processional way of Babylon.
Berlin Wall in 1962  
Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Sachsenhausen was a brutal prison camp, not a death camp, where many Christian leaders like Martin Niemöller and the Archbishop of Poland were imprisoned by the Nazis.
March for Jesus - Berlin 2000
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