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Possible Tour of Germany
Day 1 Arriving in Frankfurt take a short drive to the historic city of Marburg where Philip of Hesse founded the world’s first Protestant University. Here see the medieval town center, visit the castle with its impressive collection of paintings depicting leading figures of the Reformation and visit the famed Elizabeth church, Germany’s first Gothic building.
Day 2 From Marburg drive to Fulda where St. Boniface established his main mission center for the evangelization of Germany in the 7th century. After exploring the Cathedral (Dom) and museum devoted to the works of Boniface see the Baroque town before moving on to Eisenach where Luther attended school and later took shelter in Wartburg Castle.
Day 3 Today drive to the ancient city of Erfurt where Luther attended university, visiting its impressive Dom and seeing the Augustinian monastery where Luther lived.
Day 4 Today visit Weimar, once the cultural center of German speaking lands, where the poet/historian Schiller, and his more famous contemporary the philosopher/poet Goethe lived. Here you will begin to understand the great intellectual movements of the Enlightenment and Romanticism that have profoundly affected the modern world.
Day 5 Begin today with a short drive to Jena where Karl Marx obtained his doctorate and the biologist Haeckel developed his ideas about monism. After deepening our understanding of the modern revolt against the Christian faith drive on the medieval missionary outpost of Naumburg to see its Romanesque Dom that contains some of the most impressive stone statues in Europe created in the workshop of an unknown artist known as the Master of Naumburg. Here too you can see where the philosopher Nietzsche, who called himself “the anti-Christ” once lived and visit the house of his mother which is now a museum.
Day 6 From Naumburg  go to Eisleben where Luther was born and died. Here you will see his home and the bed in which he was laid to rest. You will also see a quaint town that still retains its medieval atmosphere as well as the church where Luther preached his last sermon.
Day 7 Now go to Halle where of that great revival movement known as German Pietism took root to create one of the most important centers of the modern eduation and the missionary movement. Leaving Halle visit the historic city of Leipzig to see where Bach wrote most of his famous music and where the prayer meeting that, after fourteen years, sparked the demonstrations that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall began. You thought the Wall came down because President Regan asked Gorbachov to  “pull down this wall,” that helped, but as you will learn the real source of the collapse of East German communism had much deeper spiritual roots.
Day 9 Now travel on through attractive countryside to the capital of the Reformation: Wittenberg. Renamed Lutherstadt-Wittenberg in honor of the great reformer. Here you will see Luther’s House, as well as that of his friend and colleague Philip Melancthon, plus two famous churches where Luther preached before driving on to Berlin.
Day 10  In Berlin where visit the new Parliament buildings, the Reichstag. You can see Check Point Charlie and the ruins of the Gestapo Headquarters where there is an exhibition of resistance leaders, most of whom were Christians, who were tortured and killed there. In the evening stroll along Unter den Linden past the Humboldt University were Hegel, Schleiermacher and a host of others who shaped modern thought once taught to the center of old East Berlin the famed Alexanderplatz. Don't forget to visit the New Synagogue and Jewish Museum to learn about both the flowering of Jewish culture in German and the tragedy of the Holocaust.
Day 11 Today go back in time to the ruins of ancient Babylon and the temple of Pergamon that are remarkably preserved on Berlin’s Musuem Island alongside a host of ancient Christian antiquities. The museum tour will take all day, but of course anyone who wants to shop can easily slip out into nearby shopping areas.
Day  12 After visiting the small but remarkably rich Egyptian Musueum, that houses the bust of Queen Nefertiti of Egypt [1350 BC], tour the Palace of Charlottneburg before taking a bus tour through former East Berlin to the neighboring town of Oranienburg to visit the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp where numerous Christian leaders including Martin Niemüller, were held during the Nazi era and from where Berlin Jews were deported to death camps in Poland. Here too you can visit one of the most dynamic Christian outreaches in Europe, the Oranienburg Youth Centre.
Day 13 After the seeing the horrors of World War II visit the capital of the Prussian Kings, Potsdam to see where Huguenot refugees settled in the 17th century before visiting the beautiful palace complex of San Soucci.

Day 14 From Berlin fly to Frankfurt and then home.

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